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The network protocol TCP / IP, a port is a mechanism that allows a computer to support multiple sessions and connections with other computers on the network program. Connection Oriented, Before data can be transmitted between two hosts, two processes running at the application layer must negotiate to establish a connection session first. The process of making TCP connections is also called "Three-way Handshake". The purpose of this method is to be able to synchronize the sequence number and acknowledgment number sent by the two parties and exchange TCP Window sizes.


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    1188.166.224.247 - 22,80443
    2188.166.225.74 22,143443
    3139.59.96.168 22,143443
    4- 22,143443
    5- 22,80443
    6- 22,80443

A standard protocol used to communicate data through various types of devices and layers based on the IP address stored in the packet header. Each datagram has two components, namely the header and the payload. The IP header contains source IP address information, destination IP address, and some other data information that the router needs to send the datagram. Then the payload is the contents of the data to be sent.